Get to know TOP5 voted by fans to perform in World Reggae Contest final show on Red Stage, Ostróda Reggae Festival, Aug 14th, live video streamed at

This year the Contest attracted 81 bands from 31 countries. Over 5000 fans participated in FB voting and made their choice on 5 best bands out of TOP10, preselected by the festival promoters. International jury of authorities will decide on the winner during the final show at site. The best band will fly to Jamaica for 5-days recording session with world-acclaimed producers Stephen Stewart and Sam Clayton. is an exclusive media partner of the Contest.


The band was formed in Grosseto in 2004. They recorded their first album “In-A” in 2008. Two years later they put out “Vibratown” with collaborations from Elephant Man, Lion D and Sister E. “Italian Reggae Familia” (2013) brought the title track that gave them success. Now collaborating with the producer Paolo Baldini on their fourth album, written together with Jamaican Dwayne C. Downie.
We are

ADAHZEH (Jamaica)

Over the years Jamaica has produced a handful of female groups. But what most lacked were musicianship, great talent, beauty and versatility. And that’s exactly what all female band Adahzeh is bringing to the table. Adahzeh is on the rise having impacted many of the live performance showcases across Jamaica. The five-piece band was formed in 2013, started with the vision of Karissa Palmer. With a unique sound fusing reggae, dancehall, rhythm and blues, rock and techno, the girls have blended their talents to create something new for the music industry.
Island Girl

THE DUBBEEZ (The Netherlands)

Young club reggae collective from Amsterdam, proving that good reggae music is timeless. The septet is rebooting classic roots and club reggae to the year 2016. Winners of the Battle of the Bands in Amsterdam. The Dubbeez lay a solid foundation for their own, shimmering compositions. Expect reggae songs with a vintage feel. They show that reggae can have universal potential.
Mr Mercenary


Coming from the North of Poland, they are 8 musicians playing energetical reggae & ska with some electronics. They formed in 1999 and released 4 albums. The band received many awards and played over 600 concerts, both in Poland and abroad. Etna performed at United Islands, Reggae Fest and SazavaFest in Czech and all leading Polish reggae festivals, among the others. They were invited to main Polish TV and radio stations. Currently the band is working on a new album, to follow their previous release “Free Style” (2015).
Wracamy do gry


Hailing from the concrete jungles of the oldest colony in the world, they are Puerto Rico’s preeminent Dub Reggae band. Combining heavy basslines with psychedelic synthetic effects, the Ambassadors speak truth without the need for useless words. They rely on rough rhythms and galactic melodies in order to express the frustrations of their political impotence. The core members of the group have been collaborating together since puberty, exploring different musical styles such as punk rock, reggae and ska.
Dr.Dubenstein meets International Dub Ambassadors